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State is state. More...

#include <StateMachine.h>

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Public Member Functions

 State (const char *name, const char *enterActionName, const char *leaveActionName, IStateEventListener *enterAction, IStateEventListener *leaveAction)
void FireOnLeave (const String &input, State *to)
void FireOnEnter (const String &input, State *to)
void AddTransitionFromThisState (Transition *trans)
bool ContainsTransition (const String &inputText)
bool ContainsTransition (const char *inputText)
TransitionGetTransition (const String &inputText)
StringName ()
TransitionGetTransition (const char *inputText)
virtual void ValidateMem () const
virtual void CheckMem () const

Protected Attributes

String m_name
String m_enterActionName
String m_leaveActionName
Hashtable< String, Transition * > m_fromThisState
Vector< Transition * > m_transitionList

Detailed Description

State is state.

Definition at line 109 of file StateMachine.h.

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