Hashtable< K, T > Class Template Reference

A key value map. More...

#include <Hashtable.h>

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IEnumerable< T > IMemoryValidate

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class  _Kthashitem
class  Iterator

Public Member Functions

 Hashtable (const Hashtable &ht)
Hashtable< K, T > & operator= (const Hashtable< K, T > &ht)
bool ContainsKey (const K &key) const
Get (const K &key) const
T & GetRef (const K &key) const
T & operator[] (const K &key) const
void Set (K key, T val)
void Remove (const K &key)
RefCountPtr< Vector< K > > Keys () const
Iterator Begin () const
void ForEachKey (IDelegateOneParameter< K & > &func)
RefCountPtr< Vector< T > > Values () const
void Clear ()
int Count () const
virtual void ValidateMem () const
virtual void CheckMem () const

Protected Member Functions

List< _Kthashitem * > * FindList (const K &key) const
List< _Kthashitem * > * AddList (const K &key)
bool FindItem (typename List< _Kthashitem * >::Iterator &list, const K &key) const
virtual RefCountPtr< IIterator
< T > > 
IteratorPtr ()
int TableSize () const
void _Clear (Vector< List< _Kthashitem * > * > &valueLists)

Protected Attributes

Vector< List< _Kthashitem * > * > m_valueLists
int m_tablesize
int m_count

Detailed Description

template<typename K, typename T>
class Hashtable< K, T >

A key value map.

Add an option to dynamically resize the hash map. Currently, the size of the hash map defaults to 701, but this can be changed in the constructor.

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