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A variant type mostly for use in interpreters for variant languages. More...

#include <Variant.h>

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IVariant IConvertable IComparable IMemoryValidate IHashable

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Public Member Functions

 Variant (bool flag)
 Variant (int8 i8)
 Variant (int16 i16)
 Variant (int32 i32)
 Variant (int64 i64)
 Variant (float32 f32)
 Variant (float64 f64)
 Variant (const DateTime &dtm)
 Variant (const Date &dt)
 Variant (const String &str)
 Variant (const String *str)
 Variant (const char *str)
 Variant (const Decimal &dec)
 Variant (const Variant &v)
 Variant (const Undefined &v)
 Variant (RefCountPtr< IJsObject > jso)
VariantPtr ToVarBool () const
VariantPtr ToVarByte () const
VariantPtr ToVarInt16 () const
VariantPtr ToVarInt32 () const
VariantPtr ToVarInt64 () const
VariantPtr ToVarFloat32 () const
VariantPtr ToVarFloat64 () const
VariantPtr ToVarDateTime () const
VariantPtr ToVarDate () const
VariantPtr ToVarDecimal () const
VariantPtr ToVarString () const
virtual bool ToBool () const
virtual byte ToByte () const
virtual int16 ToInt16 () const
virtual int32 ToInt32 () const
virtual int64 ToInt64 () const
virtual float32 ToFloat32 () const
virtual float64 ToFloat64 () const
virtual DateTime ToDateTime () const
virtual Date ToDate () const
virtual Decimal ToDecimal () const
virtual StringPtr ToString () const
virtual RefCountPtr< IJsObjectToObject () const
virtual bool ToChar (char &c2) const
virtual bool ToBool (bool &c2) const
virtual bool ToByte (byte &c2) const
virtual bool ToInt16 (int16 &c2) const
virtual bool ToInt32 (int32 &c2) const
virtual bool ToInt64 (int64 &c2) const
virtual bool ToUInt32 (uint32 &c2) const
virtual bool ToUInt64 (uint64 &c2) const
virtual bool ToFloat32 (float32 &c2) const
virtual bool ToFloat64 (float64 &c2) const
virtual bool ToDateTime (DateTime &c2) const
virtual bool ToDate (Date &c2) const
virtual bool ToDecimal (Decimal &c2) const
virtual bool ToString (String &c2) const
virtual bool Equals (const IComparable &a) const
bool Equals (const Variant &v) const
virtual int Compare (const IComparable &a) const
virtual int32 MajicNumber () const
 Class instances with the same majic number are of the same type (can be casted). Majic numbers above 0xFFFF are available for user applications.
virtual int32 HashCode () const
bool IsObject () const
VariantPtr ParseInt () const
VariantPtr ParseFloat () const
String TypeName () const
String TypeNameInner () const
VariantPtr ToRValue ()
void Clear ()
Variantoperator= (const Variant &v)
Variantoperator= (const int32 i)
Variantoperator= (const int64 i)
Variantoperator= (const float64 d)
Variantoperator= (const String &s)
Variantoperator= (const char *s)
Variantoperator= (const DateTime &s)
Variantoperator= (const Date &s)
Variantoperator= (const Decimal &s)
Variantoperator= (RefCountPtr< IJsObject > s)
bool operator== (const Variant &v) const
bool operator!= (const Variant &v) const
bool operator> (const Variant &v) const
bool operator< (const Variant &v) const
bool operator>= (const Variant &v) const
bool operator<= (const Variant &v) const
VariantPtr Add (const Variant &v) const
VariantPtr Sub (const Variant &v) const
VariantPtr Div (const Variant &v) const
VariantPtr Mul (const Variant &v) const
VariantPtr Mod (const Variant &v) const
VariantPtr Exp (const Variant &v) const
VariantPtr ShiftLeft (const Variant &v) const
VariantPtr ShiftRigth (const Variant &v) const
VariantPtr OrBin (const Variant &v) const
VariantPtr OrLog (const Variant &v) const
VariantPtr AndBin (const Variant &v) const
VariantPtr AndLog (const Variant &v) const
VariantPtr Not () const
VariantPtr Comp () const
VariantPtr Neg () const
Variant operator+ (const Variant &v) const
Variant operator- (const Variant &v) const
Variant operator/ (const Variant &v) const
Variant operator* (const Variant &v) const
Variant operator% (const Variant &v) const
Variant operator^ (const Variant &v) const
Variant operator<< (const Variant &v) const
Variant operator>> (const Variant &v) const
Variant operator| (const Variant &v) const
Variant operator|| (const Variant &v) const
Variant operator& (const Variant &v) const
Variant operator&& (const Variant &v) const
Variant operator! () const
Variant operator~ () const
Variant operator- () const
VariantPtr Clone () const
bool IsUndefined () const
virtual void ValidateMem () const
virtual void CheckMem () const

Detailed Description

A variant type mostly for use in interpreters for variant languages.

Definition at line 254 of file Variant.h.

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