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IMemoryValidate IComparable IHashable JsObject JsArray JsMethod

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Public Member Functions

virtual IJsObjectPtr New () const =0
virtual RefCountPtr< VariantGetProperty (const String &idx)=0
virtual bool HasProperty (const String &idx) const =0
virtual void SetProperty (const String &idx, RefCountPtr< Variant > obj)=0
virtual bool Equals (const IComparable &a) const =0
virtual int Compare (const IComparable &a) const =0
virtual int32 MajicNumber () const =0
 Class instances with the same majic number are of the same type (can be casted). Majic numbers above 0xFFFF are available for user applications.
virtual int32 HashCode () const =0
virtual StringPtr ToString () const =0
void CheckMem () const =0
void ValidateMem () const =0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file IJsObject.h.

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