VarInterp Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 VarInterp (VariantPtr method, Vector< VariantPtr > &args)
void PrepareToExecute (VariantPtr method, Vector< VariantPtr > &args)
bool Execute (bool continueAfterLine=false)
int FrameCount () const
int StackCount () const
VariantPtr StackPeek () const
VariantPtr StackPeekAt (int idx) const
VariantPtr ReturnValue ()
void PopStack ()
void PushStack (VariantPtr var)
void PushStack (IJsObjectPtr obj)
void CheckMem () const
void ValidateMem () const

Static Public Member Functions

static RefCountPtr< IJsObjectCreateDefaultContext (Program &prog)

Protected Member Functions

StackFrameFrame ()

Protected Attributes

Vector< StackFramem_stackFrames

Detailed Description

Definition at line 126 of file VarInterp.h.

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