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Public Member Functions

 Program (const Program &program)
Programoperator= (const Program &program)
void Clear ()
void NoteArgument ()
int ArgumentCount () const
int AddToTable (const String &s)
int AddToTable (const int32 i)
int AddToTable (const float64 f)
int AddToTable (const Date &dt)
int AddToTable (const DateTime &dtm)
int AppendCode (enum JsOpCode i, JsOpCodeArgSrc s, int32 idx)
int AppendCode (enum JsOpCode c)
void FixupCode (int pos, int32 idx)
bool CanContinue (int pc) const
Instruction InstructionAt (int pc) const
VariantPtr GetArg (Instruction i, Vector< VariantPtr > &stk) const
void CheckMem () const
void ValidateMem () const

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Definition at line 40 of file Program.h.

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