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IMemoryValidate IHashable

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Public Member Functions

 Uri (const Uri &uri)
 Uri (const String &cpuri)
Urioperator= (const Uri &uri)
StringProtocol ()
StringHost ()
int & Port ()
StringPath ()
StringFilename ()
StringFileExt ()
const Vector< Association
< String, String > > & 
Args ()
bool HasArg (const String &argname) const
StringGetArg (const String &argname)
void Parse (const String &uri)
virtual int32 HashCode () const
StringPtr AbsolutePath () const
StringPtr ToString () const
void ValidateMem () const
void CheckMem () const

Protected Attributes

String m_protocol
String m_server
int m_port
String m_path
String m_filename
String m_fileext
Vector< Association< String,
String > > 
Hashtable< String, Stringm_argIdx

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file Uri.h.

Member Function Documentation

void Uri::Parse ( const String uri  ) 

-- This parse needs work

Definition at line 77 of file Uri.cpp.

References Vector< T >::Add().

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