Directory Class Reference
[File System]

File system directory operations. More...

#include <Directory.h>

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IMemoryValidate IComparable IHashable

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Public Member Functions

 Directory (const String &director)
 Directory (const Directory &dir)
Directoryoperator= (const Directory &dir)
Directory Parent () const
Vector< StringPtrListFiles (const String &filter) const
StringPtr RemoveTrailingSeperator () const
bool IsDirectory () const
virtual int32 HashCode () const
virtual bool Equals (const IComparable &a) const
virtual int Compare (const IComparable &a) const
virtual int32 MajicNumber () const
 Class instances with the same majic number are of the same type (can be casted). Majic numbers above 0xFFFF are available for user applications.
StringPtr ToString () const
void ValidateMem () const
void CheckMem () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void ChangeWorkingDirectory (const String &directory)
static StringPtr GetWorkingDirectory ()
static Vector< StringPtrListFiles (const String &directory, const String &filter)
static char SeperatorChar ()
static StringPtr RemoveTrailingSeperator (const String &path)
static bool IsDirectory (const String &path)
static void Delete (const String &path)
static void Rename (const String &oldname, const String &newname)
static void Create (const String &path, const Permissions &perm=Permissions::DefaultDirPerms)

Protected Attributes

String m_raw
RefCountPtr< Vector< StringPtr > > m_parts

Static Protected Attributes

static char m_seperator = '\\'

Detailed Description

File system directory operations.

Definition at line 44 of file Directory.h.

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