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Static file operations. More...

#include <File.h>

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Public Types

enum  _FileMode {
  FILEMODE_Append = 6, FILEMODE_Create = 2, FILEMODE_CreateNew = 1, FILEMODE_Open = 3,
  FILEMODE_OpenOrCreate = 4, FILEMODE_Truncate = 5
enum  _FileAccess { FILEACC_Read = 0x1, FILEACC_Write = 0x2, FILEACC_ReadWrite = FILEACC_Read | FILEACC_Write }
typedef enum File::_FileMode FileMode
typedef enum File::_FileAccess FileAccess

Static Public Member Functions

static void Delete (const String &filename)
static void Rename (const String &oldname, const String &newname)
static void Move (const String &oldFile, const String &newFile)
static bool Exists (const String &filename)
static void Copy (const String &sourcefile, const String &destfile)
static void Copy (const String &sourcefile, const String &destfile, bool overwrite)
static RefCountPtr< Array< byte > > LoadBinary (const String &filename)
static StringPtr LoadText (const String &filename)
static StringPtr ToOsFilePath (const String &filepathname)
static StringPtr GetFileName (const String &filepathname)
static TextWriterPtr AppendText (const String &filename)
static spl::IStreamPtr Create (const String &filename)
static TextWriterPtr CreateText (const String &filename)
static TextReaderPtr ReadText (const String &filename)
static spl::IStreamPtr Open (const String &filename, FileMode mode)
static spl::IStreamPtr Open (const String &filename, FileMode mode, FileAccess access)
static spl::IStreamPtr OpenRead (const String &filename)
static spl::IStreamPtr OpenText (const String &filename)
static spl::IStreamPtr OpenWrite (const String &filename)
static long Size (const String &filename)
static DateTime GetCreationTime (const String &filename)
static DateTime GetLastAccessTime (const String &filename)
static DateTime GetLastWriteTime (const String &filename)
static bool IsFile (const String &filename)
static Permissions GetPermissions (const String &filename)
static void SetPermissions (const String &filename, const Permissions &perms)

Detailed Description

Static file operations.

Definition at line 46 of file File.h.

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