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Public Member Functions

 ConfigurationSection (const String &name)
 ConfigurationSection (const ConfigurationSection &cs)
ConfigurationSectionoperator= (const ConfigurationSection &cs)
StringName ()
Hashtable< String, List
< StringPtr > >::Iterator 
Begin ()
Array< StringKeys ()
bool ContainsKey (const String &key)
StringPtr Value (const String &key)
List< StringPtr > & Values (const String &key)
void Set (const String &key, const String &value)
void Remove (const String &key)
StringPtr ToIniString ()
StringPtr ToXmlString ()
void ValidateMem () const
void CheckMem () const

Protected Attributes

String m_name
Hashtable< String, List
< StringPtr > > 

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file ConfigurationSection.h.

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