MemoryBlock Struct Reference

Memory Chunk Struct. More...

#include <MemoryPool.h>

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Public Attributes

int32 m_blockId
 Unique ID for the block placed in the allocated data.
byte * m_data
 The actual Data.
int m_size
 Size of the "Data"-Block.
int m_freeSize
 Amount of memory freed. If equal to size, m_pos will be reset to zero.
int m_pos
 actual used Size
 Pointer to the Next MemoryChunk in the List (may be NULL).
int m_checkBits

Detailed Description

Memory Chunk Struct.

This struct will hold (and manage) the actual allocated Memory. Every MemoryChunk will point to a MemoryBlock, and another SMemoryChunk, thus creating a linked-list of MemoryChunks.

Definition at line 39 of file MemoryPool.h.

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