spl::IStream Class Reference

Stream interface. More...

#include <IStream.h>

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IMemoryValidate BlockingStream DesStream DualChannelStream IStreamState MemoryStream NullStream SocketStream ThreadSafeStream

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Public Types

enum  _SeekOrigin { SEEK_Begin = 0, SEEK_Current = 1, SEEK_End = 2 }
typedef enum

Public Member Functions

virtual void Close ()=0
virtual void Flush ()=0
virtual int Read (Array< byte > &buffer, const int offset, int count)=0
int Read (Array< byte > &buffer)
virtual int ReadByte ()=0
virtual long Seek (const long offset, const SeekOrigin origin)=0
virtual void Write (const Array< byte > &buffer, const int offset, const int count)=0
void Write (const Array< byte > &buffer)
virtual void WriteByte (byte value)=0
virtual bool CanRead () const =0
virtual bool CanSeek () const =0
virtual bool CanWrite () const =0
virtual long Length () const =0
virtual long Position () const =0
virtual void ValidateMem () const =0
virtual void CheckMem () const =0

Detailed Description

Stream interface.

Definition at line 43 of file IStream.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Offset position for seeks.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Offset position for seeks.

Definition at line 52 of file IStream.h.

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