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#include <XmlDocument.h>

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XmlNode IMemoryValidate

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Public Member Functions

void operator= (const XmlDocument &copy)
virtual String Name () const
void Write (TextWriter &xmlout) const
 Save a file using the given filename. Returns true if successful.
void Write (const String &filename) const
XmlElementPtr RootElement ()
virtual XmlDocumentPtr ToDocument () const
 Cast to a more defined type. Will return null not of the requested type.
virtual StringPtr InnerXml () const
virtual StringPtr ToString () const
virtual void ValidateMem () const
virtual void CheckMem () const

Static Public Member Functions

static XmlDocumentPtr Parse (TextReader &xmlin, XmlParsingData *data=NULL, XmlEncoding encoding=TIXML_DEFAULT_ENCODING)
 Load a file using the given filename. Returns true if successful.
static XmlDocumentPtr Parse (const String &filename)
static XmlDocumentPtr ParseXml (const String &xml, XmlParsingData *data=NULL, XmlEncoding encoding=TIXML_DEFAULT_ENCODING)
static void SetTabSize (int _tabsize)
static int TabSize ()
static void SetCondenseWhiteSpace (bool condense)
static bool CondenseWhiteSpace ()
static bool IsWhiteSpaceCondensed ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual XmlNodePtr Clone () const
 Performs a deep copy.
virtual const char * _Parse (const char *p, XmlParsingData *data=NULL, XmlEncoding encoding=TIXML_DEFAULT_ENCODING)
 XmlDocument ()
 Create an empty document, that has no name.
void CopyTo (XmlDocument &target) const
virtual void WriteTo (TextWriter &writer) const

Protected Attributes

bool m_useMicrosoftBOM
 the UTF-8 BOM were found when read. Note this, and try to write.public:

Static Protected Attributes

static bool m_condenseWhiteSpace = true
static int m_tabsize


void _TestTinyXml ()

Detailed Description

Always the top level node. A document binds together all the XML pieces. It can be saved, loaded, and printed to the screen. The 'value' of a document node is the xml file name.

Definition at line 47 of file XmlDocument.h.

Member Function Documentation

const char * XmlDocument::_Parse ( const char *  p,
XmlParsingData data = NULL,
XmlEncoding  encoding = TIXML_DEFAULT_ENCODING 
) [protected, virtual]

Parse the given null terminated block of xml data. Passing in an encoding to this method (either TIXML_ENCODING_LEGACY or TIXML_ENCODING_UTF8 will force TinyXml to use that encoding, regardless of what TinyXml might otherwise try to detect.

Implements XmlNode.

Definition at line 821 of file TinyXmlParser.cpp.

References XmlNode::AppendChild(), and m_useMicrosoftBOM.

XmlElementPtr XmlDocument::RootElement (  ) 

Get the root element -- the only top level element -- of the document. In well formed XML, there should only be one. TinyXml is tolerant of multiple elements at the document level.

Definition at line 58 of file TinyXmlDocument.cpp.

References XmlNode::FirstChildElement().

static void XmlDocument::SetTabSize ( int  _tabsize  )  [inline, static]

SetTabSize() allows the error reporting functions (ErrorRow() and ErrorCol()) to report the correct values for row and column. It does not change the output or input in any way.

By calling this method, with a tab size greater than 0, the row and column of each node and attribute is stored when the file is loaded. Very useful for tracking the DOM back in to the source file.

The tab size is required for calculating the location of nodes. If not set, the default of 4 is used. The tabsize is set per document. Setting the tabsize to 0 disables row/column tracking.

Note that row and column tracking is not supported when using operator>>.

The tab size needs to be enabled before the parse or load. Correct usage:

		TiXmlDocument doc;
		doc.SetTabSize( 8 );
		doc.Load( "myfile.xml" );
See also:
Row, Column

Definition at line 139 of file XmlDocument.h.

void XmlDocument::Write ( TextWriter xmlout  )  const

Save a file using the given filename. Returns true if successful.

Load a file using the current document value. Returns true if successful. Will delete any existing document data before loading.

Definition at line 69 of file TinyXmlDocument.cpp.

References m_useMicrosoftBOM.

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