XmlAttribute Class Reference

XML attribute key/value. More...

#include <XmlAttribute.h>

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XmlNode IMemoryValidate

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Public Member Functions

virtual XmlNodePtr Clone () const
 Performs a deep copy.
virtual String Name () const
 Return the name of this attribute.
void SetName (const String &_name)
 Set the name of this attribute.
void SetValue (const String &_value)
 Set the value.
void SetValue (int _value)
 Set the value from an integer.
void SetValue (double _value)
 Set the value from a double.
void SetDocument (XmlDocumentRef doc)
virtual StringPtr ToString () const
virtual void WriteTo (TextWriter &writer) const
virtual void ValidateMem () const
virtual void CheckMem () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual const char * _Parse (const char *p, XmlParsingData *data, XmlEncoding encoding)
 XmlAttribute ()
 Construct an empty attribute.
 XmlAttribute (const String &_name, const String &_value)
 Construct an attribute with a name and value.

Protected Attributes

XmlDocumentRef m_document
String m_name


class XmlElement
class XmlDeclaration

Detailed Description

XML attribute key/value.

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