TcpSocket Class Reference

Ordinary connection oriented socket. More...

#include <TcpSocket.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TcpSocket (const String &address, int port)
void Connect ()
 TcpSocket::Connect addr must be in net byte order.
spl::IStreamPtr GetStream ()
 Gets the IO stream -- do not delete.
bool IsClosed ()
void Close ()
void Shutdown (int i=SD_BOTH)
void SetNonBlocking ()
void SetBlocking ()
void SetLingerOn ()
void SetLingerOff ()
void SetNoDelay ()
void SetSendTimeout (int toMS)
void SetRecvTimeout (int toMS)
int GetSendTimeout ()
int GetRecvTimeout ()
int GetErrorCode ()
int GetBytesAvail ()
String GetRemoteIp ()
bool operator== (const TcpSocket &s) const
virtual void CheckMem () const
virtual void ValidateMem () const

Protected Member Functions

 TcpSocket (SOCKET fd)

Protected Attributes

String m_address
SocketPtr m_sock
spl::IStreamPtr m_strm


class ServerSocket
class SocketSet

Detailed Description

Ordinary connection oriented socket.

Definition at line 40 of file TcpSocket.h.

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