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A parameterized sqlite query. More...

#include <SqlLiteCommand.h>

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Command IMemoryValidate

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Public Member Functions

 SqlLiteCommand (const SqlLiteCommand &cmd)
 SqlLiteCommand (void *db, const String &cmdtxt)
SqlLiteCommandoperator= (const SqlLiteCommand &cmd)
virtual void Clear ()
virtual void Prepare ()
virtual int ExecuteNonQuery ()
virtual RecordSetPtr ExecuteQuery ()

Protected Member Functions

void BindParameters ()

Protected Attributes

void * m_db
void * m_stmt

Detailed Description

A parameterized sqlite query.

In your SQL string, prepend '@' to the parameter names and use the same fully qualified name in the command parameter. 

	CommandPtr cmd = con.CreateParameter("SELECT * FROM data WHERE FIELD1 = @param1;");
 cmd->CreateParameter("@param1", DbSqlType::SQL_TYPE_INT32, ParameterDirection::PARAM_DIR_IN, 4)->Set(1);

The parameter direction is ignored in SQLite, since only IN parameters are supported.

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