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Public Member Functions

 LogEntry (const LogEntry &le)
 LogEntry (Log::Facility facility, Log::Severity severity, const String &host, const String &process, int pid, const String &message)
 LogEntry (Log::Facility facility, Log::Severity severity, const String &message)
LogEntryoperator= (const LogEntry &le)
Facility & GetFacility ()
Severity & GetSeverity ()
const Severity GetSeverity () const
int Priority () const
DateTimeGetDateTime ()
StringGetHost ()
StringGetProcess ()
int & GetPID ()
StringGetMessage ()
StringPtr ToString () const
StringPtr ToShortString () const
void CheckMem () const
void ValidateMem () const

Static Public Member Functions

static LogEntry Parse (const String &msg, unsigned long sourceIp)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 117 of file Log.h.

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