match_data Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

unsigned long int match_call_count
unsigned long int match_limit
unsigned long int match_limit_recursion
int * offset_vector
int offset_end
int offset_max
int nltype
int nllen
int name_count
int name_entry_size
uschar * name_table
uschar nl [4]
const uschar * lcc
const uschar * ctypes
BOOL offset_overflow
BOOL notbol
BOOL noteol
BOOL utf8
BOOL jscript_compat
BOOL endonly
BOOL notempty
BOOL notempty_atstart
BOOL hitend
BOOL bsr_anycrlf
const uschar * start_code
USPTR start_subject
USPTR end_subject
USPTR start_match_ptr
USPTR end_match_ptr
USPTR start_used_ptr
int partial
int end_offset_top
int capture_last
int start_offset
int eptrn
void * callout_data

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1611 of file pcre_internal.h.

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