_PtrHolder< Y > Member List

This is the complete list of members for _PtrHolder< Y >, including all inherited members.
_PtrHolder(Y *rhs, bool threadSafe) (defined in _PtrHolder< Y >)_PtrHolder< Y > [inline]
Count() const (defined in _PtrHolder< Y >)_PtrHolder< Y > [inline]
Dec() (defined in _PtrHolder< Y >)_PtrHolder< Y > [inline]
Inc() (defined in _PtrHolder< Y >)_PtrHolder< Y > [inline]
IsThreadSafe() const (defined in _PtrHolder< Y >)_PtrHolder< Y > [inline]
ptr (defined in _PtrHolder< Y >)_PtrHolder< Y > [mutable]
SetThreadSafeOn() (defined in _PtrHolder< Y >)_PtrHolder< Y > [inline]
ValidateThis() const (defined in _PtrHolder< Y >)_PtrHolder< Y > [inline]