IMemoryValidate Class Reference

Allows instances in collections be to automatically validated. More...

#include <Memory.h>

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Association< KT, VT > BigInteger BitMask CircularArray< T > Command CommandLine CommandParameter ConfigurationSection ConfigurationSettings Connection DataColumn DataRow DataTable Date DateTime DelegateDispatch DelegateDispatchOneParameter< ARG1 > DelegateDispatchThreeParameter< ARG1, ARG2, ARG3 > DelegateDispatchTwoParameter< ARG1, ARG2 > DelimitedFile DelimitedFileRowParser Directory HttpHeader HttpRequest HttpResponse IColumn IConvertable IDelegate IEnumerable< T > IEnumerable< V > IHttpRequestBody IJsObject Image IPoolable IPoolableFactory IServerConnectionFactory IStateEventListener IStreamReadListener JsLex JsParse LazyLoadPtr< T > Log Log::LogEntry Log::LogServerInfo Matrix3< T, FLOATTYPE > Matrix4< T, FLOATTYPE > MemoryPool Network Numeric ObjectPool Packet PacketListenerDelegateDispatch Point3< T, FLOATTYPE > Point4< T, FLOATTYPE > PortListenerDelegateDispatch Program Queue< T > RBNode< K, V > RecordSet RefCountPtr< T > RefCountPtr< BASE > Regex RSAKey RSAPublic Sample Semaphore ServerSocket Socket spl::IStream StackFrame State StateMachine StreamDelegateDispatch String StringBuffer StringTable StringTokenizer TcpSocket TextReader TextWriter Thread ThreadedPacketStream Transition TransitionActionResolver UdpServer UdpSocket Uri VarInterp Vector3< T, FLOATTYPE > Vector4< T, FLOATTYPE > WeakReference< BASE, BASEPTR > XmlNode XmlNodeList XPath XPathLex XPathOperator XPathParser

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Public Member Functions

virtual void ValidateMem () const =0
virtual void CheckMem () const =0

Detailed Description

Allows instances in collections be to automatically validated.

Definition at line 32 of file Memory.h.

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