FastMath Class Reference

Static class for math function with increased speed, but reduced accuracy. More...

#include <Math.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool IsPrime (const int n)
int NextPrime (const int n)

Static Public Member Functions

static float32 Sqrt (float32 x)
static float64 Sqrt (float64 x)
static float64 Deg2rad (float64 deg)
static float64 Rad2deg (float64 rad)
static float64 Sin (float64 angle)
static float64 Cos (float64 angle)
static float64 Pythagoras (float64 a, float64 b)
static int Pythagoras (int a, int b)
static int Crop (int num, int min, int max)
static float64 Crop (float64 num, float64 min, float64 max)
static bool InRange (int num, int min, int max)
static void ClearBuffer (int *buffer, int size, int value)
static void CropBuffer (int *buffer, int size, int min, int max)
static void CopyBuffer (int *source, int size, int *target)
static float64 Random ()
static float64 Random (float64 min, float64 max)
static float64 RandomWithDelta (float64 averidge, float64 delta)
static int FastRandom (int bits)
static int FastRndBit ()
static float64 Interpolate (float64 a, float64 b, float64 d)

Static Protected Member Functions

static float32 InvSqrt (float32 x)
static void BuildTrig ()

Static Protected Attributes

static float64 m_sinus [4096]
static float64 m_cosinus [4096]
static bool m_trig = false
static float64 m_pi
static float64 m_rad2scale = 4096.0 / Math::PI() / 2.0
static float64 m_pad = 256 * Math::PI()
static int m_fastRandoms [32]
static int m_fastRndPointer = 0
static bool m_fastRndInit = false

Detailed Description

Static class for math function with increased speed, but reduced accuracy.

Definition at line 220 of file Math.h.

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